This is a brief introduction to an extensive body of research into the theoretical underpinnings of biological systems.

This private website is for members of the Positron Group. We are an association of people who are interested in a system of solid state technology that was conceived in 2003 and has been under development for 16 years. Research and Development is ongoing – and new products offered – as the human biological system becomes more fully understood. This solid state technology involves a level of technological sophistication which is unique and significant in its application to the fundamental needs of biological systems.

At the deepest level of reality, the underpinning of atomic and molecular existence and activity is energy. An appropriate context for the energy that biology is built around is encapsulated in an opinion expressed by the late orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert O. Becker. In his landmark book, “The Body Electric”, Becker expresses an idea that leads us to an important conclusion. In his calculated opinion, DNA could not possibly contain enough information to account for the differences between any two individuals. So, he asserts that DNA must have a “control mechanism”. The underpinning for all biology is structured energy. This form of energy is informational in nature. The geometric construct of energy in the vacuum medium drives and controls the spatial existence and activity of the molecules of all living things. A rather surprising discovery is that highly structured energy of this nature can be corrupted and down-graded in it’s informational integrity. If that were to happen, how would the mass, structure and normal function of biology react? It seems apparent that various negative influences down-grade the information field and constitute the most fundamental causal factor in the disease process.

The most immediate requirement of most living entities is access to a relatively clean atmosphere and water. Most of the world’s potable water is extremely low in hydration potential. What is needed is a water with substantial hydration potential which enters the tissues efficiently. This need has been met by only one water; a byproduct of intentional engineering derived from a more accurate understanding of the physics principles which determine water’s hydration capabilities.

For those seeking superior hydration, a description of the most efficiently hydrating water in existence is available at waybackwater.com. Check out the white paper that was simply and concisely written to assist the reader to go beyond all conventional and incorrect models of water and embrace a paradigm of logical and technically correct understanding.

What then becomes necessary is a method driven technique for coping with the compromised energy field in such a way that it is restored to its previous condition. The solid state technology coupled with Wayback water, both featured on the Positron Group website, are designed for exactly that purpose.